Welcome to Bonding & Technical Services, Inc.


To increase the level of success of the Nebraska small businesses in obtaining and completing construction contracts or procurement opportunities by:
-Greater Access to Opportunities for Small Businesses.
-Create a Larger Pool of Qualified Small Business Concerns.
-Optimize Long-Term Viability for Small Businesses.

-Provide Outreach and Recruitment for Small and Disadvantaged Businesses.

How Does the Program Work?
The program targets specific projects and identifies bidding opportunities for its pool of participants.  While providing an array of professional services to augment each participating firms training, educational, technical assistance, and surety bond needs.  Utilizing program services expands the bonding and banking capacity for these firms, while helping these firms achieve greater access to the opportunities from the sponsoring project owners.
What Services are Available Through the NSBTSP?

Bid Notification
-Detailed Project Notice
-Access to Notification Services
-Weekly Report Review


-Assist in Establishing a Bond Line
-Process Bond Requests

-Reviewing Submittals Required by Underwriting

-Placing of Bonds with the Sureties


-Identifying Scope of Work
-Assist with Plans and Specifications
-Obtaining Bid Documents
-Review of Estimates and Bids
-Contract Administration
-Conflict Resolution

-Loan Application Assistance
-Bookkeeping Referral
-CPA Referral
-Legal Referral

Training Program
-Group Seminars
-Customized One-on-One Training


How is the Service Performed?
The NSBTSP maintains a conveniently located office, open during typical business hours, to assist small businesses.  The Program office is staffed by business professionals who provide assistance on a consultation basis at no cost.  Additionally, the staff maintains a liaison with participation public agencies to consolidate bidding information.
What are the Program's Goals?

-To have small businesses increase their revenue and profitability and obtain the skills to compete in an expanded marketplace.

-To have clients obtain work commensurate to their increased bonding & technical capacity.
-To provide increased competition on the millions of dollars public and private projects.